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Persephone Dance Company
Frequenty Asked Questions
The Troupe


"We are a Celebration of Feminine Beauty, Power and Sisterhood."

Persephone Dance Company is an Improvisational Tribal Style (ITS) belly dance troupe rooted in American Tribal Style® (ATS®), as developed over 20 years by San Francisco based Carolena Nericcio, Director of FatChanceBellyDance®. Firmly grounded in ATS®, we draw upon the rich and varied vocabulary of many dance forms and our own special connection as sisters-in-dance to create the unique experience that is Persephone Dance Company.

Persephone Dance Company was formed in 2009 by Natalia Chang, Stefanie Kelly, Shawn Ryan, and Casey Cleve when their former Tribal Moon troupe director, Kathy Stahlman, moved to Oregon, taking the Tribal Moon name with her. Persephone Dance Company was honored to have the talented drummer Ray Dowler continue drumming for them. He appeared regularly in performance with them throughout the years and will continue to do so as often as he is able. In 2012 Stefanie Kelly left Persephone Dance Company to pursue other interests.

Persephone Dance Company welcomed Inna Dagman as the newest member of the troupe in 2014.