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  volume 24, number 7 (7/1995) (page : 800-13) clinical research intracranial chordomas:clinical review and therapeutic outcome choong hyun kim, md;young il ha, md;kwan young song, md; and yun kyung hahn, md department of neurosurgery, kangnam general hospital, public corporation, seoul, korea   chordomas are uncommon tumors arising from the embryonic remnants of the fetal notochord. The spheno-occipital region accounts for 36 percent of chordomas. The authors are presenting four cases of intracranial chordomas with clinical manifestation was analyzed. online ordering viagra All patients were men and their mean age was 37 years old. over the counter viagra rite aid The presenting complaints were diplopia in 2 patients and decreased visual acuity in the order two. Radiologic studies demonstrated extensive bony destruction of the skull base and soft mass with punctate calcification in all 4 cases. Treatment consisted of subtotal removal of tumor and subsequent radiotherapy. Histopathologically, three of the four patients had typical chordomas and the remaining case was confirmed as chondroid chordoma. buy viagra The three typical chordomas recurred after initial treatment, 2 of these three were reoperated but died in the 10 months and 33 months, respectively after initial diagnosis. The patient with chondroid chordoma remained well for 46 months after initial treatment without significant neurological deficits. In conclusion, therapeutic outcome of intracranial chordomas are grim because of their aggressive that, frequent recurrence and inability to remove tumors completely. With the exception, chondroid chordoma had good prognosis and long term survival. Key words : chordoma;intracranial;outcome;recurrence;chondroid chordoma.   history of jkns instructions for authors regulations for review jkns_copyright release and author agreement author check list search editorial board & staff contact information greetings english correction service. viagra generic order Uploid, 1 (7. buy viagra online canada pharmacy 1%) was tetraploid, and the rest were unclassifiable due to insufficient nuclei. [16] flow cytometry showed that among 16 samples of chondroid chordoma, 8 (50%) were diploid, 0 (0%) were aneuploid, 1 (7. 1%) was tetraploid, and the rest were unclassifiable due to insufficient nuclei. [16] cytogenetic analysis on 7 sacral chordoma samples found normal karyotypes in 4 (57. 1%) cases, only one genetic change in 1 (14. 3%) case, and complex karyotypic rearrangements in 2 (28. 6%) cases. [17] dna content analyses revealed non-diploid cell populations in 3 of 7 (42. generic viagra cost 9%) sacral chordoma samples. viagra online fo sale [17] chromogenic in situ hybridization (cish) on 22 chordoma samples (19 from primary tumors, 3 from recurrent) at the centromeric region of chromosome 7 detected disomy in 6 of 22 (27. can buy viagra pakistan 3%) cases, trisomy in 13 of 22 (59. 1%) cases, and polysomy in 3 of 22 (13. buy viagra online canada pharmacy 6%) cases. [7] loh in general regions 25 of 27 chordomas (85%) had loh at 1p36. for sale viagra 13. cheap generic viagra online Putative tumor supressor genes at this locus include casp9 , epha2 , pax7 , dan and dvl1. 23 of 27 cho.